David Meets Skye

This post’s song: “Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face

There’s quite a lot to stuff into this post so I’m going to keep it light on commentary and pack it full with pictures. I don’t think anyone could complain about that 😉


This cool looking dude posing in front of the Firth of Forth is my good friend David. He’s always been my partner in crime at home and across the globe so he hopped on a plane to see both me and my new home.

As much as he says he is, David isn’t easily satisfied, so I set up a trip to visit Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye. I knew they’d knock his socks clean off.

Our first stop was in an adorable Scottish town for lunch and pastries.

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Next up: Whisky distillery tour. No matter how many drams they put in my hand, I’ll never acquire a taste for that foul liquid. David wasn’t much of a fan, either.

Visiting little replicas of Highland settlements? Check.

Climbing the Falls of Foyer? Check.

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We made sure to spend some time at Loch Ness looking for the elusive Nessie. Efforts towards finding her proved to be futile. To soothe our aching muscles and crushed spirits, we downed some beer called Awesome-Ness that was as terrible as the name is cheesy.

Did we meet some hairy coos and visit one of Scotland’s most picturesque castles? You can bet your bum we did!

Fairies are essential to Scottish folklore, so of course we had to dip our faces in the Sligachan River to receive our one and only Fairy Wish.

Making sure not to miss a single sight, we took the loop around Skye to see castles, sheep, waterfalls, and jaw-dropping landscapes.

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As we laid down after our tiring day, the Skye sunset kissed us goodnight. We wanted to be fully rested for our day of climbing in Glen Coe.

Scaling the side of the mountain led us to a crystal clear waterfall where we quenched our thirst. As we marveled at the freshness of the water, we turned to admire all of the beauty that Scotland had placed in front of us. There’s nothing quite like scaling a mountain to remind you just how small you are.

Returning to the bottom, we kissed beautiful Glen Coe goodbye and made our way back to Edinburgh.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! To read more about our adventures, with the addition of two hooligans, click here.

Sending our love,

Tirra & Davey G



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