Importing Friends

“Brighter Than Gold” by The Cat Empire

The best part about having friends that live abroad is FREE ACCOMMODATION. That’s exactly why two more hooligans hopped onto planes and pledged a week of their life to me.

Jess, myself, David, and Erik having an absolutely mad time.

Say “hey” to my friend since elementary school, Jess, and Norwegian soul mate, Erik. Their addition to the group was essential.

Once again, I have too many pictures and even more memories to recount so I’m going to stick primarily to pictures. Sorry, mates!


Obvs, I had to introduce my rag-tag bunch of kids to the city’s tourist-friendly locations:

Greyfriar’s Kirkyard, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh Castle, St. Anthony’s Chapel- my kiddos only complained about their aching feet and the chilly Scottish wind a few times πŸ˜‰

I wouldn’t dare leave out Calton Hill! And in true Mom-fashion, I made sure to pose my friends on every monument. (Twenty copies of each photo are a given.)



Wanting to really knock the socks off of these foreigners, I planned to climb Arthur’s Seat just in time to see the sunset over Edinburgh. The day had been perfectly sunny and warm (for Scotland’s standards) but then the weather reminded me who was in charge. Thick fog rolled in as we started out ascent; when we reached the very top, the only view was our own faces and a hazy sun. Nothing an Innis & Gunn can’t fix.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We didn’t skip out on taking really hawt pix along the way πŸ˜‰

Among all of this exploring, I had the deliciously rare experience of taking two groups of friends that are from completely different worlds and smashing them together until a new Tirra-loving international group was formed.


Germany, Belgium, Norway, and America all like me!


Cora loves everybody and everybody loves Cora.


Throw some Spaniards into the mix and it’s a party! (It actually was a party- HAPPY 22ND B-DAY, PAPI!!!!!! <3)


Erik was a hit and found his other half in Tom (my Scottish bff).

Ajay made sure to say one last goodbye to my sleeping friends before he left for Belgium. Can you spot all three of them on the floor?


My two worlds shared one last walk home together after a night out in the city.


As we all sat in the kitchen, practically swallowing whole the scraps of food we had left in the fridge, silent tears began to roll down my cheeks. What an altogether surreal experience it is to sit around the table with faces that I have known for years, months, weeks and feel an overwhelming love for each one of them. Each individual had affected my life in some way and here we all were, sharing one last evening together. Ufffff.

I’ll try to save the sappy stuff for my goodbye post from here on out πŸ˜‰


Getting kicked out of my flat with a weekend between us and our flights out of Edinburgh meant that I got to plan a fun little excursion for the Team. Our destination: Isle of Arran (aka Miniature Scotland).

After taking a cab to get to the train to get to the ferry, we ended up on the most beautiful island we could have begged for.

Though we were REALLY excited about the ferry.


Settling down with an adorable picnic, we waited for the island bus and anticipated all the adventures that lay ahead.

Walking along deserted roads and skipping rocks into chilly waters:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Taking in Scotland’s vibrant colors:

Cramming ourselves into the cracks of King’s Caves:

Digging in the sand and admiring the coastline:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And most importantly, chasing after the packs of roaming sheep:


We may have missed out on pony trekking and gorge scrambling but one thing we didn’t miss out on was FRIENDSHIP.

Thanks for spending an entire week or more (David and Erik) with your old pal, guys. It was an honor to show you my new home while exchanging laughs and making some memories.

“Cheers, me lads!!” ❀

Sending my love,

Tirra ❀

Missed my post on the weekend excursion with David? No fear! Click here πŸ™‚



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